Author & Speaker

“How people live their lives is a result of the story they believe about themselves. So when they hear Sekou … dismantle their current belief system and ignite a spirit of courage and determination in them … they become, as Mother Teresa said, a pencil in the hand of God.”

– Les Brown, motivational speaker

Lecture at Fisk with students waving

Sekou Writes has had way more than his fair share of lives as a professional creative. Among other things, he has authored four books, ghostwritten a New York Times best-seller, been included in a wide variety of anthologies, written a few regular columns, authored an autobiographical stage play, directed a documentary short film, and even written a stageplay. Probably what he’s most known for is test-driving exotic cars and writing about them. Yes, really. He has a couple of fancy-sounding degrees like a BA from Morehouse and an MFA in Creative Writing/Fiction. He also makes bracelets– which isn’t as random as it sounds. As if all that wasn’t enough, he also donates brand new clothes to the unhoused through his HERO Ministry Movement, hosts two podcasts, and the Be Your Own HERO Show on the New Thought Media Network. 

He has spoken, performed, lectured, and taught workshops at numerous grade schools, middle schools, high schools, and colleges. As a school speaker, here are a few of his favorite topics:


  • Pain is a Forcefield
    • Use hardship to prepare yourself for the future
  • Helping Everyone Reaps Optimism (HERO)
    • Giving to others, like the unhoused community, can only benefit you 
  • Determined to Out-picture Necessary Internal Greatness (DOING)
    • Greatness is in you- just do more now, not later
  • Override Your Autopilot
    • Take control of your subconscious mind just like you take control of your car
  • Create Your Own Wind
    • Wind resistance is friction but you need friction to grow
  • Investing Isn’t Optional
    • Investing is the way to build a financially independent life




Staged reading at Fisk with students on stage