3 reasons to book Sekou

Give Back

Sekou donates a percentage of every penny he makes to nonprofits that work with the unhoused community.


Sekou is an unusual creative in that he is both artsy and professional. He also has a healthy habit of overdelivering.


Sekou brings a wide range of experience to the table based on his many years of being a professional creative.

Sekou News


In December of 2017, I wrote an article about Kwanzaa for Essence. They were intrigued by the fact that I was raised celebrating Kwanzaa as opposed to Christmas. Suddenly, there is quite a bit of renewed interest in the article so I decided to repost it here. Also, a lot of…

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IG LIVE: Sekou chats with Project Love Strong

 So grateful to be considered a Change Agent by Project Love Strong, especially since they are responsible for getting me involved with the unhoused. Watch to find out how we connected.

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RADIO: Sekou chats with media personality Harriette Cole

Had a great time chatting with my friend and mentor Harriette Cole on her Dreamleapers radio show on WBAI. We talked about my DOING Movement, the creation of HERO Hoodies, randomly running in 5Ks, and how your worst moments can develop your biggest superpowers. Listen in below. (Runtime 1 hour…

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