3 reasons to book Sekou

Give Back

Sekou donates a percentage of every penny he makes to nonprofits that work with the unhoused community.


Sekou is an unusual creative in that he is both artsy and professional. He also has a healthy habit of overdelivering.


Sekou brings a wide range of experience to the table based on his many years of being a professional creative.

Sekou News

The Ted Show! Featuring Sekou Writes *

He refers to the person he was before his stroke as HIM. His life changed without warning and birthed a new person. Prepare to be inspired as I welcome Sekou Writes to The Ted Show! On July 14, 2022 (409), days after he started running daily for mental, physical and…

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Sekou Writes, Stroke Survivor

In July 2022, while delivering the commencement speech at the Fisk University graduation ceremony in Nashville, Tennessee I found that I couldn’t articulate what I was trying to say.  My co-presenter noticed the difficulty and took over for me so I could sit down and rest.  I remember one of…

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Stop Drop and Rawle

Stroke survivor Sekou Writes gives a compelling inspirational interview. His situation unfortunately has a hint of familiarity to many, and yet his attitude and reaction to his pain is transformational to say the least. Sekou started a Health kick in order to change his life when a sudden stroke uprooted…

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