Sekou Writes Collection

Randomly, I started making bracelets in 2016. For each item I sell, I donate 10% to the unhoused community. So, how did I end up making bracelets? It’s a long story, lol.

As an occasional automotive journalist, I sometimes write car reviews. While filming a test drive car review in Nashville, my passenger and I were accosted by two white men.

Because of this unpleasant interaction, our video ended up being more about racism than the car we were test-driving. Later, it became a bona fide documentary short film and was accepted into several film festivals. Eventually, I started a GoFundMe campaign in an effort to turn that short video into a full-length documentary film. I also made a deal with Industry Rules to create bracelets that would raise money and awareness for the project. Later, to reduce my overhead, I learned how to make the bracelets myself. Once I did, people started asking me to make custom bracelets.

Initially, I said, “Uh … heck no, I’m a writer.” But people kept asking. After a while, I finally gave in.

Since it originally began as a way to fund my social justice project, I decided to keep using my new jewelry platform as a vehicle for social impact.

That said, 10% of the purchase price of each item is donated to a nonprofit working in the space of helping the unhoused community. I’m enjoying this new and unexpected journey. Hope you’ll join me by wearing one of my signature pieces.