HERO Ministry Movement

HERO Ministry Movement Timeline 

  • March 2020 – After a deadly tornado swept through Nashville, Sekou Writes volunteered with First Baptist Church Capitol Hill to care for 10 unhoused men for one night. The experience moved him.
  • July 2020 – Determined to serve the unhoused community again, Sekou asked Toyota to help. They provided Sekou with an SUV and $600 worth of water and Gatorade, which he donated to several entities including Project Love Strong, a Nashville nonprofit that works directly with the unhoused, for their annual Tee’s and Tea summer outreach event for the unhoused. 
  • October 2020 – After a magazine profiled Sekou as a “Hero of COVID,” he posted his idea for HERO Hoodies on social media. He described it as a get one, give one (GOGO) brand similar to other altruistic for-profit ventures like TOMS Shoes, FEED Bags, and Stand4Socks.
  • December 2020 – After publicly pledging to donate 10 hoodies to the 3rd annual Hoodies for the Homeless drive created by Project Love Strong, Sekou was shocked by public support. Ultimately he was able to donate 117 hoodies, 55 of which were brand new HERO hoodies.
  • January 2021 – Realizing that he had inadvertently created a movement, Sekou decided to pivot and continue HERO Hoodies throughout 2021.

P.S. TOMS Shoes paved the way. They proved that a 1-for-1 company focused on giving back can win big. Why did it win? Because what society needs is more love and compassion. According to an estimate in a Seattle Times article, by 2016 TOMS had given away more than 60 million pairs of shoes to people in need. How? They had help. People like you got involved because they believed in the mission. Make the choice to believe in HERO Hoodies. We’ve already done a few incredible things for the unhoused community and we’re just getting warmed up. You can be a part of our success story.