HERO Charity Run

During the pandemic, I started running and I never stopped until a stroke decided to stop me. On my 409th day of consistent, daily running AFTER I had racked up more than 1,000 miles, AFTER raising more than $7,000 dollars for more than 10 different causes, AFTER I returned several lost items, and AFTER logging runs in more than 12 different cities … after all of that is when the stroke came to stop me. But, guess what? I’m still going. I ran the 2022 NYC Marathon less than four months later. My finishing time was 6:54:22. #sekouherocharityrun

Current Mission!

Charity: Me!
Status: Accepting donations for unexpected expenses without the help of any medical benefits

Following is a list of charities and causes I have supported with money for my charity run. Please consider amplifying my impact by donating to, and/or volunteering with, them directly: