Ricochet Chain Bracelet


  • Simple but not subtle
  • Oversized, extra heavy-duty, stainless steel, hardcore, no joke chain
  • Unbreakable … just like you
  • Black iron split ring to add, well, whatever you want
  • Stainless steel carabiner clip clasp
  • Shown with tiger’s eye power circles (1 set included)
  • 10% of the purchase price will be donated to the unhoused


So, Ricochet is an actual person. Yes, really. He’s a personal trainer in NYC. Every single bracelet I made him ended up broken, so I made it a mission to create a bracelet that he couldn’t possibly break, lol. This, my friends, is it. This joint is unbreakable. So are you, by the way. You’re unbreakable. So, if you need a reminder, just rock this on your wrist. You won’t forget. Shown with a trio of tiger’s eye power circles that you can take off during vigorous activity– like training clients– and slide right back on when the coast is clear.


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