Purple Panther Power Bracelet


  • Panther head centerpiece, blinged out with black CZ diamonds and CZ emerald eyes
  • Panther head is bordered by amethyst and hematite on both sides, plus a bounty of frosted onyx
  • Onyx has a grounding effect | Hematite is known for providing calm and balance | Amethyst is associated with healing and enlightenment
  • 12mm (large) rocks
  • Black reinforced steel cable band
  • Stainless steel shackle clasp
  • 10% of the purchase price will be donated to the unhoused


Remember that purple stuff that Black Panther drank to get his superpowers in the Black Panther movie? Looked like grape Kool-Aid? This bracelet is based on that idea. Summon your inner strength with the Purple Panther Power Bracelet. One bracelet– not a set of two.


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